Ukulele Classes in the Algarve

Here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the  group classes and learning the uke.

I also offer 1-1 tuition at 25 euro / hour. At the end of each 1-1 class I send a debrief email which summarises what we covered in the session and what needs to be practiced.

Do I need to be able to play something already?

No ! - the Adult Absolute Beginners class assumes you have never held a uke before or know any music theory. All you need to bring is a sense of humour! If you do have any musical background that is fine as well..

What will I learn?

In the 8 hour course you will learn the history of the uke, how to hold and strum the instrument correctly, simple chords, simple melody playing and 17 songs. Singing and/or laughing at my singing is optional.

Where are the classes?

At my home, a rundown orange farm 4 Km E of Silves.

When is the next course running?

Click here to find out !

Why only 6 in a class?

After many years I have found 6 is an ideal number, large enough to be a fun social group and small enough to make sure everyone progresses as fast as they can. In a larger group it is harder to offer sufficient individual guidance.

What happens at the end of the course?

You get a certificate (yes really), a sense of achievement and can then move onto to a more advanced group or individual lessons (most will!).

How much does it cost?

The 4 weekly 2 hour sessions, 8 hours in total, cost 80 euro paid in advance. Individual 1-1 lessons are 25 euro per hour.

What times are the classes?

Depending on demand the classes are in the daytime or can all be in the evening if that suits everyone. Daytime classes start at 10, with a tea and biscuit break at 11 for 15 minutes then another hour of playing finishing at 12.15 ish. Evening classes start at 7pm with a similar time span, ending at 9.15.

Do I need my own ukulele?

I have many instruments for use here during class, but you will probably wish to buy your own to practice between sessions. I can also lend out instruments for a fully returnable deposit until you get sorted. I am happy to advise on suitable purchases – at present I do not have any instruments for sale.

How long before I can play something?

I guarantee you will be strumming a song within the hour. I have run these courses successfully for 2 years in the UK and have taught hundreds of folk to play.

 Am I too old to start?

There is no age limit, my oldest student started at 92, but I can be flexible on that limit ! The classes are for adults.

Can we learn as a couple as part of the group?

Yes many do and I have not heard of a ukulele related divorce yet as a result !

What music can be played on the uke?

This instrument can play any style of music from old time traditional songs, pop, country, rock and punk through to classical.

Do I need to buy a book?

No, I have yet to find a book that I am happy to teach from and I supply all my own teaching materials.

Any testimonials?

Take a peek at the website from last year, there is a large testimonial section. In the Algarve some of my students travel weekly from east of Tavira, so they must find it worthwhile – they are always laughing anyhow !

What happens if I miss a group class?

Sadly I cannot offer catch-up lessons, but you will have the learning materials to work on, so you should be able to keep up.

I live too far away – do you do Skype lessons?

Yes I do, especially for my past UK students. I have a page about how these work, please click here to find out more..