Why Learn the ‘Uke’ ?                              

Most people wish they could play a musical instrument, but unless they are lucky enough to have had lessons at school or a circle of musical friends to encourage them they find it difficult to get over the initial hurdles. Learning an instrument is great fun and gives you a real sense of achievement. Also it is impossible not to be happy when you are holding a Uke, so what are you waiting for ? 

Buying someone a Uke and some tuition makes a brilliant surprise gift that might just change their lives.

With the Academy you can learn with others (groups of 4 to 6 work best) or by yourself, but either way do expect to strum a tune within the first hour ! You do not need any previous musical knowledge, but we can provide that if / and when you want it. Beginners just need to know where to put fingers for chords, but intermediates will want to use tablature to remember their favourite finger picking tunes.

All we ask is that you get your own Uke (we can advise you or even prepare a carefully restrung instrument for you and to get advice on buying and setting up your ukulele click the link or the black menu bar above) and practice at least 10 minutes per day. Be warned though, you will want to practice more than this when the bug bites, and UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome) can strike at any time.

Children also love the Uke and from 7 or 8 yrs up take to it like a duck to water. They can perform and sing along at the same time and it sounds so much nicer than a recorder or ocarina. Shy little ones soon become cheeky and confident performers.

Although easy to learn, there are a huge range of styles to explore – from simple Traditional/ Pop / Rock chord sing-alongs to Folk, Hawaiian, Classical Campanella style, Blues, Jazz and my own speciality, Clawhammer Uke.


                    Remember a Uke is not just for Xmas, but for life ..