Written feedback / testimonials from Colchester Ukulele Academy                                                                   

 For Ukulele Group Classes                                                                                                                                         

"An exciting course packed full of information. Appropriate for all ages, fun to do and very achievable. Would highly recommend and look forward to starting the next course."

Mrs Susan Clayton,Colchester

"Brilliant Course! I've wanted to play a musical instrument for years but never found the right one. I've now discovered the ukulele and thanks to Robin I've now achieved my goal !"

Mr Ewan MacGregor, Colchester

"I thought the course was excellent. The course material was presented in an interesting and logical way and still provides me with useful material to refer to. The environment was very good and comfortable and the pace of the course was perfect. I especially liked that I was able to buy a 'fettled' good quality instrument from you."

Mr Jonathon G., Colchester

"Fantastic! Challenging but always fun. We kept pushing on to tackle new techniques so the course is pretty concentrated with an emphasis on self improvement via practice, which is surely the best way to learn a new instrument. Robin's personal passion and enthusiasm are great motivators."

Mrs Catherine  H, Colchester

"Really well structured, pacey and stimulating"

Ms Nancy Hughes, Colchester

"For me personally it was a great confidence booster. To be able to play in front of and listen to others in group was very helpful. The course covered far more than I expected. So well done Robin and well done me !!!"

Mrs Margaret B, Colchester

"I think I've made a right choice to finally start learning music properly and to do this at the academy. It's reassuring to meet every week, learning new challenges, checking if my practice is going ok and if there is anything needs to be corrected (e.g my long fingers tend to pull strings downwards!). Every week I learn something new. I think ukulele is a very friendly creation. Thank you Robin for sharing your passion for music :-)"

Ms Pim Pongpanit, Colchester

"Thank you for an excellent Absolute Beginners Course for the Ukulele. I learnt such a lot in a very short time.

The course was very well structured and the support material was really helpful to take away and use. Having the folder with the contents given to us as we went along provided a good framework for the group.

I felt the size of the group (8) was just right as was the time allocated. The 2 hours flew by.

I am really looking forward to the Advanced Beginners course in June and enclose my cheque..”

Ms Ann M, Colchester

"I think this course was brilliant. As I had never played before, I learnt so much. The lessons were well structured, fun and taught well. I learnt chords and strumming, which I found difficult to start with, but this course helped me gain a lot of skills. Thank you !"

Ms Helen B, Colchester

"Determined to learn to play a musical instrument as I reached my seventies, I tried to teach myself via a 'Beginners book' and DVD plus YouTube. I was only making a little progress after a year. I learned so much more in 8 hours spent on the Absolute Beginners Course and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of learning with others. Tuition has been very relaxing, with a nice friendly style with a good balance of fun and work. It has been an ideal starter package. Course material was excellently geared to needs and the class atmosphere was inspiring. The experience has been a magnificent springboard for more progress via the next stage of classes."

Mr Michael Francis, Colchester

"Strummingly good fun! A great introduction to a fun and underrated instrument. Course just long enough to learn the basics but not too long if it's not your thing !"

Mr Nick R, Colchester

"Very enjoyable ! I looked forward to every session. Robin is very patient and puts across his knowledge and experience in uke playing in a very effective way."

Ms Chris U, Colchester

“Teaching in a good atmosphere and having fun in a happy group.”

Mr Eric Roberts, Brightlingsea

“Good clear instruction and a lot of tutor patience.
I did not feel uncomfortable in any way.

Songs I recognised given to learn really helped.
Good use of dot markers on ukuleles.
Dedication from yourself is amazing.
Lovely sounding instrument.
Tea and biscuit break is a good idea.
Nice take-away packs to practice.
Good humour..”

Ms Georgina R, Colchester

“I really enjoyed the course, and playing in a group with other beginners was good. I like the informal meeting style and the number in the group (8) was ideal (not too small or too large). I learnt the basics, which was what I hoped to do, although it was harder than I anticipated. I will look forward to coming to the next level course.”

Mrs S. L, Colchester

“The course was a great introduction to the ukulele held in a friendly, happy, comfortable atmosphere…I really enjoyed the course and want to learn more as I think it is good fun..”

Mrs Brenda K, Colchester

"As before, Robin hs been an interesting and patient teacher. He gives me the enthusiasm to continue on with my playing, which I will, and it's comforting to know that he is there for continued instrruction and support."

Ms Chris U, Colchester

"Really good fun. Lots of encouragement and satisfying feeling after each lesson of beginning to achieve something."

Ms Kate Schaller, Colchester

"Great course , good instruction, well presented, comfortable surroundings and a good cup of tea! Thoroughly enjoyed the course and hope to be back for more instruction when I get the time."

Mr Colin Straughan, Colchester

"It improved my playing capabilities - gave me confidence to carry on with the instrument."

Ms June P, Maldon

For Individual Tuition

"After trying to teach myself the uke for a couple of years I stumbled across Robin's details on the web. From the first lesson it was clear that I could not have found a better tutor. He is clearly very experienced and passionate about what he is doing. He has the perfect balance of attention to detail and informality which challenges you to improve whilst putting you at ease.".

Mr.Chris Burr, East Mersea.

“I have been playing the Uke for a year and had taught myself as much as I could from books and you tube. I needed someone to be able to take me to the next level. In the few lessons I have had Robin has taught me many new skills and is pushing me in the direction I want to go. He identified my strengths and weakness very quickly and has set me a course of exercises to improve my playing. After each lesson he sends me a detailed breakdown of the lesson so I can practice in between lessons. Whether your a Beginner or have been playing for a while Colchester Ukulele Academy is the place to learn and above all have fun....happy playing. “

Mr Jon S. Thorpe Le Soken

For Organizations

"Huge thank you for Wednesday evening it was a great success everyone enjoyed it so much. I and the committee really appreciate your time and expertise."

Ms Jan Wood, Kelvedon WI

"A massive thank you to you both for entertaining the residents this morning - they have talked of nothing else all afternoon!"

Mrs C Green, New Copford Place, Friends of the Elderly