Colchester Ukulele Academy has now closed and moved to the sun
 to become the 'Algarve Ukulele Academy'.
A big thank you to all our past students who have made the Colchester Academy such a success.




For 1-1 ukulele tuition and group classes near Silves in the Central Algarve.

Whether you decide to learn with others in a group or by yourself, and whatever your musical experience,

we can teach you to play this amazing instrument in a range of styles.

Learn the Uke today, enjoy yourself and be the envy of your friends !

Click here to find out about these classes.

Online SKYPE / FACETIME ukulele lessons are available for existing and new students - and we promise not to show too much sunshine in the background during lessons !

Click here to find out how these online lessons work..

Our Fretboard magazine will next be published in November/December and will contain updates on both our forthcoming week long Residential Ukulele Courses in Portugal and my new book 'The Art and Psychology of Ukulele Playing' which will be available in both Kindle and paperback formats in 2016.


                                                                                                     Carry on strumming !